Blizzard deploys Patch 1.14a for Diablo 2

Yes, Diablo 2, not 3.


The Blizzard Entertainment classic title revival project seems to be already underway as a new patch for Diablo II just got deployed.

Focusing on in-game fixes, patch 1.14a for Diablo II is set to fix game glitches caused by modern operating systems and a shiny new installer for OSX users. In addition to this patch, Blizzard also stated that they are working to improve their cheat and hack prevention capabilities, making improvements on a daily basis.

This has been the first patch the game has received in the last 5 years, with the recent patch for Diablo 2 being deployed last 2011. Blizzard has somehow revealed their plans of restoring or reviving their classic titles through jobĀ postings for the “Senior Software Engineer” position in the “Classic Games” division or category.

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