Rocket League features shooting hoops in upcoming Game Mode

Are you ready to be the next Stephen Road-Fury?

From goal posts to hoops, that seems to be Psyonix, developer of the hit vehicle -themed sports game, Rocket League, next plan for the game this year as they tease a screenshot of an upcoming game mode that they are working on back at homebase.

Revealed together with the hype of the NCAA March Madness, the tease gained a lot of positive response from Rocket League fans who now await the implementation of the game mode. Rocket League easily gained popularity during its release last July 2015, mixing the elements of an all-out demolition derby with the popular Western sport, Football, or as other people call it, Soccer. The game has also spawned a competitive cult with tournament organizers such as ESL hosting tournaments in North America, South America and Europe.

While revealed, there are no further details yet as to what this new game mode will be available but players are hoping that with the development now underway, Rocket League Hoops may just be around the corner.

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