Cherry Credits Announces New Mobile Tactical RPG Luna Chronicles

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March 15, 2016


Assemble your squad and outsmart your enemy in the Ultimate Tactical Fantasy RPG!


A stolen chalice. Orcs and Goblins on a murderous rampage. A land driven to insanity. All is not well in the once idyllic world of Luna, and it falls upon you to lead an expedition deep into the heart of darkness to assassinate your former brother in arms, Erega. Muster your courage, strengthen your heroes, and sharpen your wits as you face off against the forces of corruption in a grand adventure that will test both your brains and brawn!




Show Your Tactical Genius

Take an active role in your soldiers’ combat tactics! You decide which abilities they use and when, ensuring your victories depend on skill and intelligence and not pure luck.



Formulate Your Battle Plan

Personalize your squad’s battle formation with the unique Grid System to gain critical stat bonuses and counter the enemy’s strategy! Additionally, choose between three different combat styles and Auto Battle modes!

Fancy yourself a tanking warrior with healing powers? Create your own hybrid classes by using Skill Books to grant your heroes spells and powers well outside their expertise!


Over 100 Allies Await Your Order

A  mind-shattering  army  of  knights,  kunoichi,  Battle  Pandas,  She-Vipers  and  more  await  your command. Level and enhance them as they evolve into unstoppable combatants!

With unique and detailed animations for every character and earth-shaking powers, combat never looked so glorious!


Loads and Loads of Game Modes

Lose yourself in a staggering selection of game modes! Stomp your rival players in the Arena, band together with allies in the Guild Mode, wage total war in Fortress Siege, and more!

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