Tips to Play: Gundam Extreme Vs Force

Written by Allen

March 16, 2016


Having trouble beating those Newtypes? Here are some tips on how to play Gundam Extreme Vs Force.

The newest installment of the Gundam Extreme Vs is heading to the PlayStation Vita, and to prepare the new pilots, we provided a handy guide on how to play well on action-pack mecha game on the handheld console. Also don’t forget to check out our review for the game.

gundam ex vs force 1

  1. Always be moving
    In a shooting arena, an easy target is a dead target. Enemies will always be aiming for you.
    gundam ex vs force 2
  2. Be cost effective
    Stronger Gundams have higher cost, so losing them can quickly lead to defeat. Find something you can learn with without paying too much for making a mistake.
    gundam ex vs force 3
  3. Do your reading
    In this game you’re not only a pilot, you’re not only a pilot, you’re also a commander. Always check how all your teams are.
    gundam ex vs force 4
  1. Bond with your bestie!
    With so many to Mobile Suits to play, pick which one you like best and level up their link level. This will strengthen their capabilities.
    gundam ex vs force 5
  2. Splurge to Achieve!
    Use the in-game currency you earn to make achieving Haro medals easier, some medals are pretty impossible to achieve otherwise.
    gundam ex vs force 6
  3. May the force be with you
    Buffs and spells in Force mode can instantly turn the tide of battle, use them to get out of a pinch or dominate the battlefield!
    gundam ex vs force 7
  4. Take turns with robots
    Continuously using one unit mission after mission will gradually wear down its maximum HP. Instead of always paying for repairs, let it rest so it can regenerate it, because Japanese robots can.
    gundam ex vs force 8
  5. Get a Medal!
    Accumulating medals will allow you to increase your ‘cost limit’ per squad. Have the strongest heroes of Gundam fight side by side by boosting your cost limit!
Feature article by: Allen ‘Lentropy’ Silva
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