To Build a Hero: Getting to know Team Renovatio

Written by Louis

March 21, 2016

Reimaru Files sits down with the team that took the SEA by storm as they represent the region in the upcoming Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship 2016.

Renovatio Team

Renovatio was the name that made local esports headlines last March 11, 2016 as they took down the Singaporean team, Resurgence in the Heroes of the Storm SEA Championships 2016, and punched their tickets to fly and represent, not only the Philippines, but the rest of the SEA region in the Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championships 2016 in Seoul, Korea, this coming April.

Just a bit fresh from their victory, and now prepping up for the upcoming global battle, Reimaru Files was able to get in touch with team Renovatio as the team talks about the team’s beginnings, it’s current status against it’s global counterparts, and the Filipino gamer’s potential with Blizzard’s new MOBA title.

Reimaru: Hello guys, so first off, how did team Renovatio came to be?

Renovatio: When we originally decided to compete in HotS, we formed a group known as Team Bibingka. After we lost to Relics in the Road to Blizzcon SEA Championships in Thailand, ending up as the first runner up, we decided that it was time to step up our game since a lot of opportunities came up and so in 2016, we decided to change our team name to Renovatio.

Reimaru: What got Team Renovatio’s players to try and play Competitive Heroes of the Storm?

Renovatio: It all started in Tech-9 Internet Cafe when the owner invited us to play Heroes of the Storm which, after a week or two, eventually got us hooked. The quality that Blizzard brings to its games really is incomparable to other games we’d played. So, when HotS finally took off among our friends in T9 at the same time the tourneys started popping up, we decided to form a team, which became Team Bibingka.

Vyy during his "Bibingka" days.

Vyy during his “Bibingka” days.

Reimaru: Being known as players who also came from different gaming genres and Esports titles, how do you guys find Heroes of the Storm when compared to the games that you have played competitively before?

Renovatio: The difference really is staggering. One of the first things new players notice is that Heroes of the Storm is a teamplay-centered game that rewards teamwork in addition to individual skill. It’s also a very dynamic game with lots of action from the first minute to the last, with each map having its own unique set of game mechanics. There’s really nothing like it, you have to try it to see what we mean. It also helps that the HotS community is a really friendly group, it’s very easy to find friends to play with or talk about the game even if you’re new. Did we mention the prizes in HotS easily top those in other games? Yep.

Reimaru: How much of a potential do you think the Philippines have in this new MOBA?

Renovatio: Heroes is a fantastic game, anyone who’s played a game or two will quickly notice the amount of detail that went into developing the game. Graphics, gameplay, the skins, everything is simply better. With the right sponsors, we’re confident HotS can easily take on LoL or Dota 2. Seriously, what can be more amazing than playing with Diablo, Illidan, Arthas and all the other guys you grew up playing with!

Reimaru: Regarding your upcoming International Competition, how is Team Renovatio’s preparations coming to the Spring Global Championship?

Renovatio: The usual. We practice, practice and practice, and then we practice some more.

Reimaru: How much of an edge do you think you have against the other competing teams, like how is Renovatio stronger than the rest of the teams at the Global Championship?

Renovatio: Honestly, we’re entering the Heroes Spring Championship as underdogs considering the caliber of teams we will be facing. The top three teams alone have a strong edge against all the other competing teams, and that’s what we’re hoping to overcome. Remember, this is Heroes, anything can happen.

Reimaru: I think that is all for now, any final shoutouts or people that you wanna greet?

Renovatio: Shout outs to the Renovatio guys and the T9 community (especially Lemmington), we love you all! To our future sponsors, show yourselves!


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