Blizzard Should Make More Pixar-like Videos

Written by Chad

March 22, 2016

overwatch artwork

With their Overwatch video shorts, Blizzard should also focus on creating more of these videos.

Introducing a new IP was a big gamble for Blizzard, as it has been a long time since they’ve released a new game franchise since the late 90’s and it could be a difficult time to show a refreshing franchise if they screw up the introduction, so eventually Blizzard did what other game publishers would do; create a video trailer for the new game. but this is no ordinary trailer as it felt more of a mini series rather than a promotional video.

When Blizzard revealed their newest online shooter Overwatch, they started with a short video giving an intro about its lore and characters rather than doing some gimmicky trailer with a ton of special effects and super detailed visuals, and it was effective. Fans went crazy on the characters, though a gameplay video was also revealed separately, the fans are more interested on the characters. And this can be a good thing as Overwatch is heavily focused on online matches, in which most MMOs lack the depth to flesh out the story of lore of their respective games, With Blizzard’s approach, the videos can help out deliver more background story to each character and it improves the fanbase for the game.

Now that Blizzard is also focusing animated shorts and digital comics for Overwatch, we can expect more upcoming video shorts for some of the popular characters. The first video short ‘Recall’ has already debuted in the Xbox YouTube as part of their exclusive deal with Microsoft. The seven-minute short showcases the smart gorilla Winston as his base of operations was infiltrated by Reaper and his henchmen, and was both funny and exciting, and the what makes it work to give a wow factor to fans. The Overwatch videos has that flair similar that from a Pixar film; the right blend of humor and action that can be appreciated by both young and old, hopefully they would continue creating more videos for the game after its first wave of shorts right before the launch day on May 24.

It’s no surprise to see Blizzard overdoing it again in terms of cinematic videos, as they have been providing great visuals for their Warcraft franchise, but this is very different and refreshing, and yet it works. It could be possible for them to even launch a venture to animation, they could even do collaborations with other film makers in creating video shorts and not just around their Blizzard franchise. Though there will be a Warcraft movie arriving this year, nothing beats seeing a Pixar-like film being created by Blizzard

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