Afterpulse Major Update with Custom Matchmaking mode

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March 30, 2016

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GAMEVIL and Digital Legends Entertainment, have announced the next major update coming to Afterpulse! Included in the update is a new map, new multiplayer game mode, and the highly anticipated custom matchmaking mode. The new map, Razed Fort, is a desert themed map which will have players battle it out in an abandoned desert village turned military conflict zone. The new game mode dubbed ‘Back to Back’ will feature four, two person teams battling against each other in an all-out rumble.  And finally, players will now be able to create custom matches, a feature highly requested by the Afterpulse community.

Custom Matches

Custom Play will be a new game option located in the Multiplayer menu. Players will be able to join other players’ custom match lobby or create a personal Custom Match. When creating a Custom Match, players will be able to set different game options including, map, player count, game mode, and even set a limit as to what rank of equipment players are allowed to bring in.  Another exciting aspect of custom matches is you will be able to now set the original 3 minute match timer up to a maximum of 15 minutes.



New Map: Razed Fort

Soldiers will battle in the new desert themed map, Razed Fort. The map contains several collapsed buildings and obstructions, varying ground levels, and an open trench running through the middle of the map. Razed Fort will create several vantage points for close and long ranged strategies. All soldiers over level 10 will be able to experience Razed Fort.

New Game Mode: Back to Back

A new game mode, Back to Back will be added to the already existing Death Match, and Team Death Match modes. Back to Back will shake things up by pitting 4 teams of 2 players against each other in an all-out brawl. Players will only have one other team member they can rely on to support them which makes team strategy crucial in Back to Back.


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