Tips to Play: Tom Clancy’s The Division

Written by Chad

March 30, 2016

tips to play division

Here are some tips to help you survive the pandemic New York City in The Division.

The Division has been out for quite some time now, and it is gaining more popularity for its unique PvP Dark Zone feature and exact recreation of New York City, and it is also a great shooter game. But for the new agents who are joining the ranks of The Division, you may need some advice on surviving the harsh world. So we will sharing some tips on how to have a head start in playing the game and some useful tricks that can still be useful even in endgames.

division coop

Play or replay missions with a friend

What’s the point of playing online shooters if you’re joining your friends? Whenever you take on story missions, it’s best to tag along some players in your missions. Not it improves your edge on completing the missions, it also helps you finish it in a faster succession than taking it solo. And when the going gets tough, there’s always a buddy who will revive you whenever you got pinned by Cleaners. If you meet new players on the matchmaking, don’t be shy to add them to your friend list and invite them to your next mission. And if you’re in need to good gear, nothing hurts to replay some of the completed missions to hunt for gear.

division cover

Get to cover

When taking on thugs on the streets, it’s wise to take cover during a firefight or become a target practice. Every object in the field can be used as cover, so take this opportunity to find your spot and take out nearby enemies, you can move to a different spot at any time while still in cover; keeping you safe from getting hit. There are also perks that improves your stats while covering or that creates an improvised cover for you and your squadmates can use.

division craft

Don’t sell, deconstruct it

Early in the game, you will be getting some so-so gear, but instead of selling it, deconstruct them to get parts for crafting. Not you only get parts to craft new and powerful weapons, you can also lessen the load on your inventory when you are doing a ton of missions. Don’t worry about money, after several missions and unlocking more blueprints, you will be relying much on crafting rather than buying.

division base

Upgrade your Base of Operations ASAP

In the early portion of the game, you will be able to reclaim your Base of Operations, but it will be needing some upgrades to make it fully operational. Getting upgrades for each department will land you perks, items and talents that will further improve your character, so be sure to upgrade this early on as enemies will become tougher as you progress.

division map

Always check your map for missions

There are some cases where you will see Encounter missions in your area nearby, so it’s best to check your map for any indications. These missions are easy to complete and can provide good amount of EXPs and money/items. So be on the lookout for these. Also you might encounter some items, ECHOS and other collectibles scattered in buildings or surroundings, and these can provide new stock of items or EXPs, so always check your map.

division safe house

Safe Houses are safe havens

When progressing further within New York City, you will be encountering Safe Houses. These little hubs are very handy especially on doing fast travels to head on to the nearest unexplored areas. It is also the best place to look for other players to form a team, as Safe Houses are the only places where other players can meet outside matchmaking. And while you’re at it, be sure to take on Side Missions from the NPC or on the board, it can give some nice EXPs and items when completing it. So make sure to find all of the Safe House throughout the city.

division dark zone

Be smart when inside the Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is one of the most intriguing feature of The Division. Not only it hosts a ton of high level goons, it is also open for PvP, meaning other players can take you down at any chance. And not to mention the looting system is different as you need to bring all your looted items to the extraction zone before you can actually own it, and the worse part; if you get killed, you drop all your looted Dark Zone items. So to survive, be sure to focus on AI enemies instead of players, and if you might stumble upon other players, it wouldn’t hurt if you form an alliance since all of you just wanted to bring home some loot. And one last thing, avoid crossing paths with a large group of players, there’s a high chance that you’re their easy targets, unless you have your own large group, then its best to take them on.

So be sure to remember these tips as these can help save you a lot of time from getting killed frequently and manage to get some high level gear. And don’t forget to be nice with other players. Nobody likes douchebags.

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