15 Things at Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered

Written by Louis

March 31, 2016

From announcements, trailers, revelations, and all the cool stuff.

Square Enix headlines the day with its Final Fantasy VX: Uncovered, a press presentation held in Los Angeles California. The show, which was also livestreamed online via Square Enix’s Twitch and YouTube channels featured 15 important announcements and revelations for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s newest addition to the long-running FF Franchise.

1. A whole new trailer

Square Enix kicks things off by revealing a new trailer for FFXV, dubbed “Reclaim Your Throne”, featuring shots from the storyline, and as well as the gameplay mechanics. While not so lengthy, the trailer pretty much covers a huge chunk of what the game has to offer, and has a pretty cool soundtrack.

 2. Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork showcase

One of the things FF is known for is its iconic artwork, made by different notable artists, with one of the most notable being Yoshitaka Amano. Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered features the 2D concept art being made by Amano, featuring some of the game’s bosses and mobs.

3. Florence + the Machine

Remember that pretty cool soundtrack on the new FFXV trailer? The rendition of the song, Stand By Me, was done by none other than Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. The classical touch may not fit with some FF fans who prefer the original Japanese soundtracks but it surely somehow fits the bromance of the game’s main characters.

 4. Gameplay Videos

Aside from the trailer’s clips of FFXV’s gameplay, a separate gameplay video is also featured on the FFXV: Uncovered event, featuring on the different methods of traversing the game world, as well as combat modes and abilities. Other than that, the gameplay video also features how spells affect the nearby environment, such as Blizzard, and how the game’s AI responds to player actions.

A sample of the game's environmental spell effects and AI response to player action

A sample of the game’s environmental spell effects and AI response to player action

5. World Tour

With the trailer, and the gameplay being shown, Square Enix also featured the beauty of the game world featuring shots and scenes from different environments.

6. Character Showcase – Meet your new Husbandos

Character designs took their part in the center stage as a brief overview on their personalities, from Noctis, the central protagonist, Ignis the “sidekick”, the hunky Gladio, which is dubbed as the “bodyguard”, and Prompto, which is the fun guy in every bro squad. While their personalities are briefly described, the Character showcase paved way for a new Final Fantasy XV themed content which was revealed next.


No waifus, only husbandos.

7. Anime Series – Final Fantasy Brotherhood

Yes, you’ve read that right, Final Fantasy XV will be getting an Anime Series, titled Brotherhood, with the story to revolve around the 4 main characters, Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto, the series is free to stream and is now available at the Final Fantasy YouTube channel.

8. Full Length Movie – Final Fantasy Kingsglaive

Complementing the origins story of its main characters, Square Enix has also revealed its trailer for a full length Final Fantasy XV movie titled Kingsglaive, this time, focusing on the story of Noctis’s father, King Regis, and the tale of his regime and downfall. The movie is set to release later this year, and is also free to stream and download worldwide.

9. A FFVX Audi R8

Nope, that is not a joke, it’s totally real and a production model will be produced by Audi themselves. Featured in the trailer for the Kingsglaive film, Square Enix and Audi are working together to actually produce one although sadly, it will never be more than one model with no news of any mass production type to be available soon.


10. The Voice Over Cast

With both a video game and a movie in the works, Square Enix goes big on their production value as they bring in big names for their English Voice Over cast starting off with Game of Throne’s Lena Headey, well known for her role in the show as Cersei Lannister, and on the movie 300 as Spartan Queen Gorgo. Hedey will be providing voice talent for Final Fantasy XV’s Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, and joining her is one of the internet’s most loved actor, Sean Bean, who will be playing King Regis and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.


You should probably know how the Movie’s story would go by now.

11. Justice Monsters Five  – The Mini Game that is also a Mobile Game.

Adding the list of “Free Stuff Square Enix is giving away as part of the FFXV Hype Train” is the mobile game, Justice Monsters Five, a pinball game for mobile that combines role-playing elements found in FF and featuring FF’s most iconic monsters. The game is also available to play in-game through a pinball machine, and the mobile version will be released soon. Pre-registration is now avaiable, and for those who wish to get first access to the game can now head on to the Justice Monsters Five pre-launch page on the Android and iOS.

12. Final Fantasy XV – Platinum Demo

Old time gamers can easily remember the era of being able to actually try out games before purchasing them and Square Enix hopes to bring it back by releasing a Platinum Demo for Final Fantasy XV. Featuring parts of the game world and a multitude of options for gameplay, the Platinum Demo gives us a good overview on how the actual FF XV game will play out, and the best part of it is that it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

13. Deluxe and Collector Editions

With the game gearing up for release later this year, Square Enix prepares 2 exclusive bundles ready for pre-purchase later today. First off is the Deluxe edition that come with an awesome Amano designed boxart, a Steelbook, a copy of Kingsglaive, with additional in-game cosmetics and items.


But before you drool over the deluxe edition, you better check the Ultimate Collector’s Edition


Pre-order for both game bundlesis now through the Final Fantasy VX website and through the Square Enix Digital Store. The Deluxe Edition is available for USD 89.99 (~PHP 4,200.00) and the Ultimate Collector’s Edition for USD 269.99 (~PHP 12,500.oo).



No read on, this picture does not tell you anything.

No read on, this picture does not tell you anything.

Now we know that you’re probably raging and cursing us because the image above differs greatly from every other video game news site, and it is also most likely that you didn’t read the caption where it says that the picture does not tell you anything, that is our bad for the actual release date for Final Fantasy XV will be this coming September 30, 2016, roughly 6 months from now. The initial tease from the release date roulette which shows Nov 30 was due to Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy, just simply teasing the crowd, but what the heck, we got ourselves a release date and something solid to look forward to.

15. Surprise Batmobile!

The show caps off with a surprising addition to an iconic piece in Final Fantasy VX’s gameplay and trailers, which is the vehicle Regalia, while the final preview seemed to be just one final look at the game trailer, something surprising happens at the near end, we’re not gonna spoil it for those who were not able to watch live, but we did bookmark that part in the video below.


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