[Press Release] Endgods League of Gods S$100,000 Tournament

Written by Louis

March 31, 2016

LOG-Artwork-Trans-BG WHAT IS ENDGODS?  Familiar with mythical heroes like Thor, Zeus and Guan Yu? Then you’ll definitely want to check out EndGods, an Online Real Time Action Strategy (ORTAS) game that pits familiar heroes and legends from various mythologies against each other on unique battlefields. The game boasts brilliant player versus player combat and strategy as your heroes fight to push the opponent back. The core gameplay is simple, tap and summon heroes onto the battlefield and they will fight for you. Execute insane combo attacks that can turn the tides in your favour. The many unique hero abilities add depth to the gameplay. Every match feels different each time. Collect as many heroes as you can when you play as both Heaven and Hell, each with their own unique hero selection and campaign modes. Over 60 heroes are available currently. Challenge other players in online multiplayer mode and earn rewards and recognition for victories. Enter a world where you control the most powerful heroes known to mankind across the ages. League-of-Gods-Logo A GAMING TOURNAMENT WITH VERY HIGH STAKES  LOG-Flyer SparkJumpers, the studio behind EndGods, is organizing the League of Gods Finals – an upcoming tournament where players compete for a S$100,000 total prize pool. The inaugural League of Gods Finals was held on 21st November 2015, attracting players from all over to region to compete for a $30,000 prize pool. After the dust settled at Colosseum at Bugis+, Wong Jeng Yih a.k.a. NutZ took away the grand prize of $10,000 as the very first EndGods League of Gods Champion. Expanding on the success of the first event, this year’s League of Gods Finals will take place in under 2 months’ time at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Hall 9 on the 21st of May 2016. The top prize will be S$20,000 for both the Solo and Team categories. Players will have to climb up in ranks on the leaderboards in the League of Gods mode in-game, which is only open daily between 10PM and 12AM (GMT +8). All heroes are unlocked in the League of Gods, ensuring a fair competition for both new and veteran players. Here’s a breakdown of the prize pools:  

Solo Team
 Champion  – S$20,000   Champion  – S$20,000 
 1st Runner Up – S$8,000 1st Runner Up  – S$8,000
 2nd Runner Up – S$3,000  2nd Runner Up – S$3,000 
 3rd Runner Up – S$1,000   3rd Runner Up – S$2,000 
 5th – 16th – S$800   5th – 16th – S$1,000 
 17th – 48th – S$50  

  WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  Players from all over South-East Asia can take part in the League of Gods, in both the Solo and Team categories. However, only the top 48 Solo participants and top 16 Teams on the leaderboards will be invited to play in the League of Gods Finals. The cutoff for ranking on the leaderboards is 8th May at 11:59PM. Players can participate in both categories. Also, since this is a regional tournament, SparkJumpers will be arranging for to fly players based overseas (and who qualify for invitation) to Singapore to participate in the League of Gods Finals. WHY ORGANIZE AN ENDGODS TOURNAMENT? We believe in eSports, and the spirit of competition. EndGods is centered around PVP, and we want to build, engage and grow our community of players through competitive gaming. We want to give the players the platform to shine and journey with us as we take EndGods to the next level. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SOUTH-EAST ASIA AND BEYOND This is a remarkable era for gaming that we live in. In the recent years, eSports has gathered an intense following worldwide where gaming tournaments draw the crowds, and where the attention and has made superstars out of some players. Professional Gaming is a now a career. EndGods will be the first of its kind to organize a tournament with that level of prize money for a brand new cross platform game on mobile and PC. A tournament of this size, and with this amount of prize money, is unprecedented for a startup studio without the backing of a major publisher. EndGods is challenging the cross platform market of mobile and PC, directly reaching to their players to form a healthy competitive community that has fun above all else while rewarding the very best. The League of Gods was created in 2015 to expand our reach and to grow the interest and playerbase for EndGods. With the second event coming up with more participants, a massive venue and huge cash prize, the League of Gods will only get bigger and better.

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