Mar Challenges Duterte to a 1 on 1 DOTA Match

Written by Allen

April 1, 2016

Photo courtesy of SunStar

Photo courtesy of SunStar

Mar Roxas has boldly issued a direct challenge to Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte through a game of Dota2 1 versus 1 mid.


Two Presidential candidates are in another gridlock to their endless mudslingings, and it has finally reached to a point that they will settle it to a duel.

“Kung pagalingan na lang, bakit hindi na lang sa palarong nakilala ng lahat na magaling ang nagwawagi?” (If it’s going to be who’s better, why not through a game known to everyone where only the truly skilled can win?)

The statement was made through a tweet on Mar Roxas’ official account. We have reached out his organization but have yet to respond for confirmation of this challenge.

Meanwhile we have approached Mayor Duterte’s camp for a response and we were surprised to find, what we suspect to be, a direct response through the very same social media site.

“Counter na lang, ganyan kami sa Davao.” (Counter only (referring to Counterstrike), That’s how we do it in Davao)

Please stand by for updates and what game it will finally be and if we can provide a livestream this April Fool’s Day.

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