Mecha Fridays: Xiaomi’s Little Transformer

Robots are starting to invade mankind, and they come in cute little portions

Chinese tech company Xiaomi, who was initially known for their line of Mobile Devices that is said to rival big brands such as the iPhone has revealed their new crowdsourcing project in the form of a transformable smartphone replica. The project is commenced together with Hasbro and draws inspiration from the Transformers franchise.

The collaboration project, whose base model is based in the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, is a rebirth of Soundwave, an iconic Decepticon from the Transformers universe who is largely known to spy upon the Autobots and can take on the form of smaller objects such as a cassette tape. In this version however, Soundwave will take the form of the Xiami Mi Pad 2 as he spies upon humans, all for the glory of lord Megatron.

While transformable into a neat action figure, the device itself ¬†cannot function as a regular smartphone, but it’s still one cool product for modern day Transformers lovers.


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