Nintendo now has Super Smash Bros. and Kirby-themed Dioramas for your Amiibos

Written by Chad

April 8, 2016

smash diorama

It’s time to relive those moments from these games with your Amiibo collection.

It looks like Nintendo has no sign of stopping on their Amiibo craze as they are launching diorama kits for their Amiibo figures. These licensed dioramas will have different themes based on popular Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Bros. and Kirby, based from the official photos from Nintendo of Japan, the dioramas can be folded and then fold out like a pop up book to reveal the diorama, it also feature some props and items based on the themed games.

smash diorama 2

kirby diorama

The Super Smash Bros. diorama will cost at 864 Yen or around $8, while the Kirby-themed diorama is at 2160 Yen or $20 where it will also include a Kirby Amiibo figure. Expect to see these in Japan this month, no details if there will be a Western version. You can learn more about the dioramas at the Nintendo JP site

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