Final Fantasy IX finally arrives on PC

The title joins its other FF releases as it lands on Steamlandia


16 years after its initial Japanese release on the PlayStation I another Square Enix classic from the famed Final Fantasy franchise gets its PC port as Final Fantasy IX arrives on Steam. One of its most critically acclaimed title, the PC or Steam version of FFIX comes with a few new additions such as HD models, Steam Achievements, Autosave function and as well as 7 game boosters.

The game is currently on sale at $16.79 (PHP 728.00) until April 20, and will be regularly priced at $20.00 (PHP 910.00) at the end of the sale period. FFIX is the 5th FF game ported to PC from the FF franchise, together with FFV, FFVI, FFVII, and FFVIII

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