5 Reasons why ESL One Manila Will Be Awesome

Written by Allen

April 19, 2016

This April 23, ESL One will be bringing us one of the biggest DOTA 2 events that’s happening this year in the Philippines .Yes, we’re talking about ESL One Manila. If you are a fan of DOTA 2, the teams or personalities in it then it’s your opportunity to be part of an event you would normally only see overseas or maybe through a Twitch livestream. For those of you who are on the fence about checking out ESL One Manila, here’s a handful of reasons why it’s the event you should tune to for this weekend.

The Teams Playing against each other

Aside from the usual Mineski, Rave, or the next Filipino team that catches our attention, international teams we’ve seen in premiere events like ‘The Shanghai Major’ and ‘The International’ for several years have been invited, namely E-Home, Liquid, and recent crowd favorite Team Secret. Several teams that have come through the qualifiers are no slouches either.

esl one manila announcers


Otherwise known as our ‘casters,’ ESL Manila will have the finest in the world to be guiding you through each minute of the event. Cheer, laugh and be amazed at the commentary, jokes and analysis as they take you through the play-by-play.

bracket list


For those who were initially not convinced of the tournament’s format, the bracket has been adjusted by the organizers to give the audience better value for their tickets and the teams given more room to work out their meta. This is immensely important as the game changes every event, something that Puppey has stated before.

sm aren


A venue known to house our favorite basketball games and concerts, Mall of Asia Arena will be the staging ground of this grand event. Truly, an establishment fit to put up the flag of eSports. Despite having a seating capacity of 15,000, it sold out within hours of the tickets being available. So if you have don’t a ticket, will you be in despair? Well worry not.

tv5 esl manila schedule

Online / TV avenues

For those who can’t attend the event live, the livestream is usually a plentiful and readily available option. However, as certain networks recognize the power behind this upcoming industry, they also wish to be a part of it and share it with the rest of the country. That’s right, even if you can’t view it online, you can tune in at AksyonTV and TV5 at the time slots listed above so you can watch what we will all recognize as one of the biggest DOTA 2 events of the year.


Are you now all hype for some DOTA 2 this upcoming April 23 and 24? We hope to see you there! Still on the fence? Check out ESL Manila for even more information.


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