Nintendo to bring Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to Mobile

Nintendo follows up on Miitomo’s success by bringing in 2 of their famous franchises on the mobile platform.


The NX may not just be Nintendo’s biggest project this year as after the success of their newest mobile app, Miitomo, the game development and publishing company has revealed that they are also planning to bring in apps based on 2 of their well known franchises, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to the mobile platform.

Both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing has been showcased via Nintendo’s handheld 3DS Devices so creating applications based on both titles might not be that much of a big work for Nintendo. It is good to note though, that we may not be getting full fledged ports, but rather applications based on both titles for Android and iOS. While no additional news as to when these applications arrive for Android and iOS, although fans of both titles are eagerly awaiting their launch.

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