Tree of Savior Free to Play Schedule Gets Delayed

tree of savior

Fans may have to wait a bit longer before they can try out the anticipated MMORPG from the creators of Ragnarok Online.

Today was supposed to be the launch of Tree of Savior to those who did not purchase the Founder’s Pack. But due to some changes in the game, the launch date was moved to May 10, meaning on that day players can starting creating their characters and playing the game for free.

Aside from the delay, a European and Southeast Asian server were being prepared and players can transfer to those servers from their respective regions. Plus IMC Games are busy keeping the server free from cheaters, bug exploiters and bot users, as recently they have banned at least 3,000 accounts last week.

For more details on what changes were made that caused the delay of the Free to Play launch, you can check it out on the Tree of Savior developer’s blog

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