Phantom of the Kill set to launch this May

Written by Louis

April 29, 2016

All systems (almost) go for Gumi’s newest mobile title.


Fuji & Gumi’s turn-based Strategy Role Playing title Phantom of the Kill is now being set for global launch next month, with the announcement being made by Fuji & Gumi through their Facebook Fanpage.

The game is currently under soft launch, which started earlier this year, with the first act being a major part of the accessible content during the pre-launch period. The game takes inspiration from the Phantom of the Kill JP version, featuring a different, yet still canon storyline, as well as male versions of the central characters called Killer Princesses. PotK takes inspiration from other popular Turn-based RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem, with a few similarities being noted by fans. Just like their other titles, Gumi incorporates a lot of casual-player friendly features such as auto-battle mechanics, fast forwarding and other gameplay tools to assist players as they level up, similar features from their other titles such as Character Enhancement and Evolutio and Gachapon system are also present in the game.

While the global launch plans have been announced, there are no actual dates yet as to when the title is fully open for the Global Audience although we could expect more details from Gumi as we get closer to whenever the actual launch date maybe.


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