Battleborn or Overwatch? The Big Deal

Written by Chad

May 3, 2016

battleborn or overwatch

Two multiplayer shooter games are releasing this month, but which game should you consider?

There will be two new games that are making a buzz lately, Blizzard’s Overwatch and Gearbox Software’s Battleborn will be two of the hottest online shooters that will force players to decide which they should pick as their game. So which game will it be? To make it short, both games are entirely different and comparing them is just very unfair as these two games had its own unique style and target audiences. So we will be talking about what makes these two games interesting.

Overwatch is more on fast paced combat, it is for players who want to get into the game really quick without any complicated builds or gear to acquire. Any players who are into modern shooters such as Call of Duty or Battlefield may have some time adjusting to the gameplay in Overwatch as each characters has its own distinct playing style, however fans of Team Fortress 2 will feel right at home with this game. Some people consider this as a shooter/ MOBA hybrid, but there are no MOBA elements found in Overwatch especially on its different match modes, the closing thing that is similar from a MOBA game is the team lineup, as every team is required to have a well-balanced character lineup if they want to succeed, and proper coordination and teamwork is essential. As for character building, there are no equipment to enhance their abilities, the only that make your characters unique are through cosmetics.

In terms of visuals, the game has that vibe from a Pixar movie; something that can be both appreciated by the young and old. Overwatch also lacks a Story mode campaign which can be a turn off to some who wants to have a breather in the intense matches online and wanted to enjoy the lore of the game.

Meanwhile for Battleborn, it has that mix of MOBA elements, from lane control, to wave of creeps marching to the opposing base. Those who played Smite and Monday Night Combat will get a hang of Battleborn. But despite heavily built as a MOBA, it still plays as a first person shooter, and that is where the game gets interesting, though despite having FPS elements, Battleborn plays longer like a typical MOBA (around 20-30 minutes per match). Character development has its complexity, as players can equip gears and set them in certain load ups that matches on certain builds for characters, and just like in MOBAs, you can pick certain builds as your level your characters in matches

Its presentation has that blend of humor not that near Borderlands level, but it is funny enough that it makes the characters look like they came from a weekend cartoon show. Battleborn has both a multiplayer mode and a single player campaign, which helps flesh out the story of the game, which as an all-in-package for those who wants a complete game.

In the end, both Battleborn and Overwatch are really targeted to different audiences, but both of them are still fun to play regardless if you are into MOBA or first person shooters. We both tried playing the two and we liked how each had its own personality in both its game mechanics up to the character designs. It does not clash with each other where makes one seem to be a copycat of the other one. Now that Battleborn will be available today and Overwatch is preparing its open beta this week before its official launch in late May, players will be introduced to a whole new FPS experience that is breaking the long traditional of realistic modern day-themed shooters.

Sometimes players need a refreshing take on the genre once in a while, and hopefully these two games can deliver it.



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