Relic and Sega officially reveal Dawn of War III

The time to cleanse and purge for the name of the emperor is nigh.

Nearly 7 years after the release of Dawn of War’s 2nd installment, Relic Entertainment officially reveals the next chapter of the Dawn of War saga with the release of the announcement trailer of Dawn of War III.

Featuring good ol’ Race vs Race vs Race battle, all out carnage and total destruction, the third installment looks to stay through to the roots of Relic’s most popular RTS Franchise, together with a mix of some new features. In a preview made by, it has been revealed that Dawn of War III will feature 3 different races, the Space Marines, the Orks and the Eldars pitting them in large scale encounters, with giant-sized units and even weapons of mass destruction.

Adding to the title’s new features is an Elite System which will be set before every game and contains a variety of options to choose from that directly affect your preferred playstyle. A MOBA style pick-and-counter-pick element for Heroes and Elite or Super Units are also being considered for the game’s multiplayer mode, meaning players can decide on which heroes they want on their troops, and on which units they remove from the enemy squad.

Dawn of War III is set for the PC Platform and is slated for release this coming 2017.

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