King of Fighters 2000 now available for PS4

Written by Louis

May 4, 2016

The popular multiplayer Arcade title makes its way to Sony’s most latest Console.


The newest PS4 compatible old game title is here and it’s none other than SNK’s King of Fighters 2000. First released in April 2000, KOF 2000 made its way in a Sony Console with a PS2 platform release, together with its Arcade releases. The title, which is part of the long like of nearly yearly King of Fighters releases from 1994 to 2006, before taking breaks in between years up until the latest KOF installment which will come out this year, is known for expanding the game’s “Striker Match” feature which allows you to call an ally to quickly strike your opponent during a matchup for a brief period, a feature that is now common throughout other fighting games, with a few modifications on the feature.

KOF 2000 will look to serve as a primer to SNK’s upcoming PS4 KOF installment, King of Fighters XIV which will be out later this year. KOF 2000 is now available for purchase through the PlayStation store for $9.99

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