Classic RTS titles recreated by fans through the OpenRA Project

Written by Louis

May 10, 2016

Now you can play Dune 2000, Command & Conquer, and Red Alert through this open source creation.

Classic Real Time Strategy title fans need not to wait more to play their favorite games on modern PCs as a group of also dedicated fans collaborated to create OpenRA, an open source project remaking some of the most popular RTS titles such as Red Alert, Command and Conquer, and Dune 2000.

The team of 50 Developers have already been working for years now to bring these classic titles back to life and is now currently working on also bringing in the 2nd Generation of Command and Conquer games for the OpenRA project. Fans should take note that the remakes are focused greatly Skirmish and Multiplayer battles, so for those who want to re-play the whole content from the scenario modes may have to do additional installations involving files from the original game to do so.

OpenRA is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and players who want to relive their dreams of world domination can just head on to the OpenRA Download page.

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