Legend Maker is now on Kickstarter

After months of conceptualizing and (YouTube) video teasers, Legend Maker finally lands in Kickstarter.

The game scenario generator largely based on the popular franchise of Legend of Zelda called the Legend Maker makes its way to Kickstarter in order to be fully funded. The project, which was also initially called “Zelda Maker” right before Nintendo’s intervention, was first revealed back in 2015 as Zelda Maker and then revamped to become to the much more polished Legend Maker that we  know today.

The developer, Dream Mix, is hoping to generate USD 40,000 for the project’s funding, with a Kickstarter campaign that will last until June 13, 2016. Legend Maker is largely based around Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series with highly similar sprite designs as well as location concepts, but up to a thousand times larger, meaning that you can pretty much create your very own epic video game scenario. An Alpha Demo has been made available by Dream Mix for fans to test the game before deciding if they would back the project or not. Legend Maker is set for the PC  with the development pretty much underway, and is expected to release this coming October 2017.

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