League of Titans showcased to Chinese Video Game Investors

Written by Louis

May 23, 2016

Investors invited Over to Watch the pitch, for the new First Person Arena Shooter, League of Titans.

Chinese video game developers are sure to not be late when it comes to hopping on the bandwagon as a Chinese Video Game Development company just recently held a pitch to potential investors for their upcoming FPS Arena Shooter Title, League of Titans.


Set for Mobile Devices, League of Titans borrows a lot of its concept to already existing Arena FPS genres, particularly the newer titles such as Blizzard’s Overwatch,as it comes complete with:

  • Character Design concepts from Overwatch
  • UI, HUD and Icons from Overwatch
  • Team-based combat mechanics from Overwatch
  • Hero abilities from Overwatch
  • Level Designs from Overwatch
  • …and possibly a lot more from Overwatch

While a lot of similarities are being pointed out based on the slides being presented at the presentation, the game may still have its own uniqueness, one factor being the actual character designs.

I mean, that's totally not Soldier: 76

I mean, that’s totally not Pharah *error on the Soldier 76 image*

No additional news is available yet as to when the development will fully kick-off and as to when the game will launch, but as of the moment, League of Titans is set for Android and iOS devices. We are also yet to hear from Blizzard regarding their potential participation, in any way, regarding this announcement.



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  1. Alex Mounsey

    That character that you were comparing to Soldier 76 was actually supposed to be Pharah

    • Chad

      Thanks for pointing that out 🙂


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