[Press Release] Experience Apacer Advanced Technologies in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016

Written by Louis

May 26, 2016

Explore innovation in IoT Applications, Gaming, Mobility, and Diverse Potential Applications with Apacer’s leading technology in the upcoming COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016.

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2016 COMPUTEX Taipei will open from May 31st to June 4th, with all eyes on the hottest trends including Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Gaming among industries. Apacer (TWSE: 8271), the world-leading memory brand, announces to hold a 1-day jumpstart before this year’s COMPUTEX event. Echoing the key theme of COPMUTEX 2016, “Build the Global Technogical Ecosystem”, Apacer fully showcases its strategic developements and key foundations- high performance storage technologies and innovative applications, to establish integrated ecosystem for connected information services.


Apacer Showcases Advanced Storage Technologies and Innovative Applications

With strong R&D capabilities and keen consumer insights, Apacer continues to leverage its core storage technologies to explore new innovative applications. This year, Apacer will reveal its hero products and leading technologies at Taipei W Hotel right before COMPUTEX’s grand opening, starting from May 30th. In its exhibition, Apacer will showcase its innovative technologies, products, and applications in four main areas, including “IoT and Cloud,” “Gaming”, “Mobility” and “Diverse Potential Applications”.

  1. IoT and Cloud: The latest AvatarRAM and PCIe/SATA SSD series with high speed and high capacity deliver excellent performance and drive the realization of IoT. For example, AvataRAM satisfies the need of concentrated random R/W of small files as well as high-speed computing requirement, which is the solid foundation of IoT developments. Customized DRAM solutions ensure reliable IoT operation under extreme environment condition. Apacer’s CANbus module provides smart and reliable communication for Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) applications in fleet management, convoys, and smart transportation solutions.
  2. Gaming: Patented SSD with world’s first dual interface, featuring SATA III and the latest USB3.1 interface and Type-C port to satisfy the need for high speed and reliability of high-level gamers and provide lag-free extreme gaming experience.
  3. Mobility: Foreseeing future market trends, Apacer introduces a wide variety of mobility  products featuring Type-C port, dual-use portable thumb drives with Apple’s Lightning port, external hard drives featuring military-grade shock resistance, and high capacity microSDXC memory cards to meet consumers’ needs for ease-of-use and high storage capacity.
  4. Diverse Potential Applications: Deepening the development in optical metrology, Apacer rolls out new optical measuring instruments, such as the AL-200 Luminance meter that greatly improves the overall measuring speed even in low luminance environments.

Apacer will be showcasing its diverse products and services across IPC, IoT & cloud, consumer, and gaming, starting from May 30th (Mon) to June 1st (Wed) at W Hotel Taipei, right ahead of 2016 COMPUTEX Taipei. Come visit us and experience Apacer’s advanced technologies and innovative applications of 2016!

Apacer 2016 COMPUTEX Taipei Showroom @W hotel Visit Us!

Time: 09:30-18:00 every day from May 30th (Monday) – June 1st (Wednesday)
Location: 11F Strategic Conference Room 3 & 4, W Hotel Taipei  (11F, No. 10, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Section 5, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan)

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