Werold Studio opens up CBT Sign Ups for MoKai Adventure

Werold’s newest mobile title will soon enter its CBT Phase this coming June, with the signups starting this month.

Werold has announced that MoKai Adventure will be going into a Closed Beta Test(CBT) starting in middle June for Android devices.


MoKai Adventure, the newest Android Title from Werold Studios is a Japanese-style RPG which lets players collect companions called MoKais, each which can be raised freely and as well as assists players in battles with each MoKai having their own unique traits and attributes.


The game also comes battle mechanics that also let you utilize your MoKais, that range from buffing up abilities, debuffing negative status effects, and even switching places with your MoKai in battle.

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MoKai Adventure will enter its Closed Beta Phase this coming June 2016, with the CBT Signups now ongoing and interested players can now head on to the MoKai Adventure Closed Beta Signup Page. Werold’s MoKai Adventures is slated for Android Devices and will be released later this year.

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