Asus GTX 950 Review

Written by Chad

June 1, 2016

asus gtx 950 white (11 of 11)

This GTX 950 version of Asus gives a new look for those who prefer a color for their gaming rig.

With the GTX 950 becoming a staple as a go-to card for MOBA games and providing good performance for some games in 1080p resolution. Asus has released another GTX 950, but this time, it features a different color that is aimed for PC enthusiasts who wanted an all-white theme for their gaming rig.

For more on the in-depth look on the GTX 950, you can check out our previous review:

As for the design, the Asus GTX 950 features an all-white design on the card, compared to the edgy black and red motif for its Strix variant. It is also interesting to see that Asus decided to go for a white variant for this graphic card, this is aimed towards being a perfect match for the Asus Z170 motherboards that also offer white color variants, as there are some enthusiasts that are looking for different color variants for certain PC components. The GTX 950 has the twin fan version and still requires the six pin PCI connector to power the card, the dual fan design promises to provide best cooling power to the card and still ensure quiet performance. We tried testing it by playing graphic heavy games that will increase the temperature forcing the fans to burst to its full power, but it still managed to provide almost silent noise. Another look at the Asus GTX 950 is that it only has one DVI port compared to other GTX 950 variants, including the Strix version where it has two DVI ports. This version only has one DVI, HDMI and Display port that can allow up to 3 monitors to use.

In terms of performance, the Asus GTX 950 is clocked at 1253 MHz straight out of the box that provides a slight boost without tweaking much on the settings if you don’t want to change anything. We tested it on several games that were recently released. We played Street Fighter V and so far it can maintain 60 frames per second on 1080p resolution, though there are some sudden drop on the framerate during start match and end match cutscenes but only during transition as it returns to 60 fps in just after a second. Tom Clancy’s The Division on medium settings gives the 950 a hard time, managing to go around 45-50 FPS in heated battles and almost at around 60 FPS when indoors. And finally on the recently released Overwatch, we tweak the settings to Ultra with some adjustments and the game can run on 60 FPS, though there are cases where it goes at 45-55 FPS when more players are nearby. The bundled Asus GPU Tweak II is a helpful tool with a better GUI compared to other GPU tools from other brands, it has the options for tweaking the GPU and memory clock as well as the voltage, and you can even adjust the fan controls whether the card goes on a silent mode where it turns off its fans and will automatically turns on at a certain temperature. It also includes an XSplit Gamecaster client for users who wants to do livestream sessions during their gameplays.

gtx 950 gputweak2

Overall the Asus GTX 950 is still the same GTX 950, though it is one less DVI port, an adapter can remedy issues of those who needs two DVI ports. This card along with its white colored motif will match well with other components with the similar color. In terms of gaming, it can run pretty well on newly released games at 1080p resolution through some tweaking on the graphics options. Playing this on newer MOBA games will be no problem for the GTX 950 as well.


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