Dragon Buster Wave Two Launching with Dragon Blaze Update!

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June 2, 2016


Players will now be able to harness the power of two new additional Dragon Busters, Omega and Ouranos with the latest content update coming to Dragon Blaze.

The first three of seven busters launched last month in April and now Dragon Busters, Omega and Ouranos, will be joining them on the battlefield. Filling the role of ranged assassin, Ouranos will require ultimate versions of deified archer allies: Draco Bloodwind, Llywelyn the Fiery, and Arrow Trigger the Iron Bullet. Similarly, Omega, the Paladin Dragon Buster, will require the combination of ultimate deified paladin/warrior allies: Divine Hammer Drunken Falcon, Kymael the Just, and Judge Shadow Howl.


Dragon Buster Omega
The most holy of all Dragon Busters, Omega, wielding the Hammer of Judgement and Holy Veil, blinds enemies at a set chance with her auto attacks.

Holy Blast

  • Inflicts 743% damage on all enemies and casts a debuff that decreases defense by 60% for eight seconds.

Lightning Force

  • Increase the attack of party members by 53% for 11 seconds and grants a buff that will allow allies to stun with normal attacks.

Gravity Field

  • Makes all party members invulnerable for nine seconds.


Dragon Buster Ouranos

Known as the ‘Divine Storm’, Ouranos delivers fatal attacks with his dual pistols Spirit Fall and Dark Spector. Inflicts additional damage when performing an auto attack.

Pain Bullet

  • Inflicts 1674% damage on one enemy and dispels all buffs. Additionally inflicts 1201% splash damage on nearby enemies.

Deadly Shot

  • Ouranos builds revenge buffs at a set chance when damage is received. Inflicts 640% damage on all enemies

Fatal Blow

  • Increase attack by 94%, attack speed by 85 and defense penetration by 90 for 23 seconds.


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