HWBOT and CyberMedia Bring Overclocking to COMPUTEX 2016

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June 4, 2016

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HWBOT, an organization regulating international Overclocking competitions and rankings, with its industry partner CyberMedia proudly presents the arrival of the biggest Overclocking event at COMPUTEX, 2016. The World Tour Asia event hit the ground running with a successful press conference held by CyberMedia where many of the world’s top technology and PC enthusiast media enjoyed a morning filled with exciting new product launches and an introduction to extreme Overclocking.

“It was great to launch the HWBOT World Tour Asia event at COMPUTEX 2016 with the support of valued partners who recognize the importance that Overclocking plays in the industry,” commented Pieter-Jan Plaisier, Director at HWBOT.“We also very excited to host the Word Series extreme Overclocking contest where each day we can see some the world’s most talented Overclockers compete for cash prizes.”

“We are delighted that so many of our close press and partners attended the opening launch event for HWBOT World Tour Asia event” Commented Fanny Chang, Managing Director at CyberMedia.  “Thanks to all our great sponsors for their support in making this event a success”

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World Tour sponsors ZADAK511, Intel, AOC and Seasonic addressed the media to talk about new product launches and the importance of Overclocking and its relevance to the technology industry. Renowned overclocker, Roman Hartung demonstrated extreme sub-zero Overclocking using the liquid nitrogen to cool the latest Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors.

cybermedia oc


ZADAK511 makers of high-technological and innovative products revealed their latest products that are launching at COMPUTEX 2016. These include the SHIELD RGB LED series SSDs and DDR4 memory modules which combine high-performance and sophisticated design for power users, gamers and enthusiasts who appreciate bleeding edge design.

“ZADAK511 products are symbolic of the need for excellent performance without compromising on good looks. The SHIELD product line offers outstanding performance, giving PC enthusiasts and Overclockers the opportunity to take PC performance to the next level and beyond,” commented ZACKARY, Founder of ZADAK 511.

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At COMPUTEX 2016, Intel officially launched their latest Intel® Core i7™ processor Extreme Edition. The new processor family includes the company’s first 10-core desktop processor, new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, up to 40 PCIe lanes and 25MB of Smart Cache, and fully unlocked for performance tuning. Intel is generously providing new Extreme Edition processors for Overclockers to use during the HWBOT World Series contest that runs throughout the week at the HWBOT booth. Using a new processor platform makes the contest even more interesting as Overclockers explore the nuances of Intel’s most powerful desktop processor ever.

“We’re excited to share our new Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition with the enthusiast and Overclocking community,” said Frank Soqui, General Manager, Enthusiast Desktop Group, Intel Corporation. “Intel is proud to sponsor the HWBOT World Tour Asia event where we get to see some of the world’s best Overclockers pushing Intel’s first ever ten core desktop processors to the limits.”

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AOC, a world-renowned manufacturer of monitors and display solutions also presented their latest AGON monitors which offer experience-enhancing features like 144hz refresh rate, built-in speakers, 1ms response times and curved displays. AGON is generously providing monitors for use during the HWBOT World Tour event.

“AOC believes that AOC Gaming’s exquisite displays will not only help demonstrate the graphical performance benefits of Overclocking but also give it life in a visual way. They are both an art form in their own right,”Commented Kevin Wu, General Manager, APMEA & India of AOC.

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HWBOT World Tour event sponsor Seasonic also demonstrated their latest Platinum Edition power supplies which have been used throughout the HWBOT World Tour, including OCWorkshops and World Series Asia and Amateur Overclocking contests.


HWBOT World Series Asia: Extreme Overclocking for Cash Prizes

Day 1 also saw the start of the HWBOT World Tour Asia with Sweden’s Rauf becoming the first entrant to the Semi-Finals on Saturday after an exciting 1v1 finish with Indonesia’s Hazzan benching on the World Tour stage on Cinebench R15. Rauf eventually overcame his opponent by hitting a very impressive 2586 cb points.

Qualification rounds will continue throughout the week, building up to the Semi-Final and Final on Saturday June 4th. Several of the world’s most well known and respected Overclockers will be competing daily, including HWBOT World No.1 Dancop (Germany), Xtreme Addict (Poland), Wizerty (France), Toolius (India), DrWeez (South Africa) and Lucky_n00b (Indonesia).

cybermedia oc contest

Don’t forget you can relive all the action on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channelhere: https://www.twitch.tv/overclockingtv

You can also check out all the scores from the qualification round on the contest page on OC-ESPORTS: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/ws16_asia_qualifier_day1

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