EA E3 2016 Press Conference Report

Written by Chad

June 14, 2016


We got some of the news from Electronic Art’s Press Conference at E3 2016

EA started with a bang for E3 2016 as they were the first to start their press conference to reveal their newest game line ups. So we listed what were revealed from their press conference a few hours ago.

Titanfall 2

  • Titanfall 2 will now feature a single player campaign that was missing from the first game.
  • The story campaign will focus on the bonds between the pilot and the mech and your character’s mech will have its own personality.
  • The multiplayer mode will have a major improvement, it will include new Pilot abilities
  • A Beta test was also confirmed right before the game launch

Battlefield I

  • EA finally revealed the gameplay footage of the game
  • Multiplayer mode will have up to 64 players

Mass Effect Andromeda

  • New trailer has been revealed to showcase some glimpse of the gameplay
  • New info for the game was revealed, protagonist will be named Rider
  • It will be launched early 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC

Star Wars

  • New games are planned for the Star Wars franchise
  • Motive Studios will be handling the next installment to the Star Wars Battlefront franchise
  • One of the mentioned games will be developed by Visceral Games
  • Criteron Games will be assisting DICE for Star Wars Battlefront’s VR content
  • Bioware will be releasing more Star Wars: The Old Republic content
  • Respawn Entertainment will also be developing an untitled third person adventure game


  • New features such as Story mode for FIFA 17
  • Madden 17 will have a new feature for its Franchise mode
  • EA Originals was announced as its indie game line, first to its lineup is Fe
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