Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Expansion I: Underground coming to Xbox One and Windows PC on June 28

Written by Louis

June 17, 2016

Announced at E3 2016, the Underground Expansion for Tom Clancy’s: The Division will soon be available to Xbox One, PC and PS4 users.

The first expansion to the critically acclaimed open world shooter by Ubisoft, The Division, is finally revealed and will come to PC and Xbox One platforms later this June with the PS4 to follow up roughly 2 months after.

Titled Underground, the expansion will focus on exploring New York’s treacherous underground areas such as sewers and subways as you complete missions and hunt down enemies in single or coop mode of up to 3 players. New incursion missions, features and items will be available in Underground such as the Dragon Nest Incursion and Underground Mode.

  • Dragon’s Nest incursion: The biggest incursion to date takes place in Hell’s Kitchen. Cleaners have been ramping up their efforts to destroy the virus with fire, and are causing disorder that will eventually affect the Base of Operations if not stopped.
  • Underground mode: Explore randomly generated dungeons comprised of subways, tunnels and sewers to fight deadly enemies. Players will tackle extreme threats and environmental hazards and dive into new challenges, receive new rewards and recover powerful loot.


Free content will also be made available to players who purchase the Underground Expansion with new Challenge Missions and a Heroic Difficulty Setting for all of the Falcon Lost and Clear Sky incursions, and all the missions in the Challenge Mode.

The Underground expansion will be available via Season Pass or via market purchase at USD 14.99, the expansion will be available to PC and Xbox One users this coming June 28, 2016 with PS4 to follow after on August 2, 2016.


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