ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard Review

Written by Chad

June 23, 2016

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Asus has launched a new gaming peripheral line up that aims for quality performance and a reasonable price tag. But can this new gaming keyboard stand for its quality?

The new gaming peripheral line from Asus has an interesting concept; as it is named after the Greek mythological three-headed creature that guards the gates of the underworld. As the Cerberus name is not just a gimmick; it portrays the three important peripherals of any PC gamer; the keyboard, mouse and headset, and the Cerberus series was aimed for gamers who are on a budget but can still experience good quality performance that can enhance their gaming experience. First on our review is the Cerberus Gaming keyboard, so before we start the review, let us take a look at the specs and features of the keyboard:

  • Dimensions: 471(L) x 186(W) x 41(H) mm
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Anti-ghosting: 19KRO (key rollover)
  • Switch type: Membrane with rubber dome
  • Backlight: 2 colors (red/blue),4-level light setting with breathing mode
  • Cable /Connector: 2m Braided cable with gold-plated USB connector
  • Media keys: Volume control, play/pause, previous / next track
  • Macro keys: 12 macro keys (F1–F12) with macro enable/disable mode
  • Special feature: Windows key lock

The Cerberus Gaming keyboard has a black and red color scheme, with the entire body is black with red highlights on the side. The overall design has that futuristic, edgy look and it has that similarity from another popular peripheral brand, though coincidental or not, it is not much of a big deal. The lighting on the keyboard is only composed of two colors; red and blue, there are also a couple of buttons above for multimedia uses, from playback to volume controls, all of the necessary uses for media files are placed in an easy access spot. Another great note for the keyboard is that they are using braided cables, which prevents the cable from being worn out and most cheap keyboards does not have braided cables.

First thing to remember about the Cerberus gaming keyboard is that it is not using any mechanical switches, but rather the standard membrane switches, but don’t let that think that this is just a plain cheap keyboard, as this one has a SECC metal plate for its body to ensure that the keyboard is durable enough for long gaming sessions. Looking at the back portion of the keyboard, there are holes that can be seen, these are meant to help drain any liquid that was accidentally spilled on the keyboard, and it is a neat feature for gamers where spilling drinks on a keyboard means a disaster for their peripherals.

Aside from the media buttons on the upper portion, the Cerberus also has alternate function keys which provides more customizable options for your daily use. It can also adjust the backlight brightness up to four levels, it can also toggle the back-light color from red to blue. However, switching to the blue back-light will disable any macro functions on the keyboard. When using macros, you can manually set up your custom shortcuts, and Cerberus has up to 12 programmable macro keys that you can use for your games in a single press. As for the keyboard usage, the membrane switches has that silent but rubbery feel whenever you press the keys and it feels great.

There are maybe some similar priced keyboards available in the market, but it does not match in how durable it can withstand for longer usage as compared to the metal plate build of the Cerberus Gaming keyboard. And not to mention the drain holes below the keyboard to ensure a spill-free keyboard. As for the programmable macros, it may takes some time to get used to the process of manually inputting your macros as the Cerberus does not have a software to help configure the macros. But overall the Cerberus a great choice for those who are looking for a budget gaming keyboard that is durable and some nifty features.



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