Minecraft movie gets a release date

Written by Louis

June 28, 2016

And you thought you’ll forget about it.


A quick update from Mojang, developers of the hit sandbox title Minecraft, finally reveals the release date of the game’s movie adaptation. To be released under Warner Bros. and directed by Rob McElhenne from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the Minecraft movie is set to be out this coming May 24, 2019 and will be directly competing with the next film in the Star Wars Franchise, Star Wars: Episode IX.

The date is confirmed itself, through an announcement by Mojang’s COO, Vu Bui, although Warner Bros. adds that this should be the case should everything go according to plan. Plans for the Minecraft movie was first announced back in 2014, after the success of the movie adaptation of one of the globe’s biggest toyline that share’s huge similarities to Minecraft, the Lego Movie.

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