Punch your way through SFV on the PS4 with Balrog this July

Written by Louis

June 28, 2016

New characters and in-game content will be coming to Street Fighter V this first of July.


Capcom and PlayStation officially confirm the arrival of one of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters, the hot-tempered boxer Balrog, together with Ibuki and the new Story mode for Street Fighter V.

First seen at CEO 2016, Balrog first caused ruckus during the Western Localization of Street Fighter II, in which he was originally called as Mike Bison in Japan, but the potential lawsuit in the USA because of the name’s likeness and the character’s appearance to popular pro boxer Mike Tyson, forced Capcom USA to change his name to Balrog instead, in exchange for the masked Assassin which we now know as Vega, and giving his name to Shadaloo’s big boss, the man that we now deem as M. Bison.

Together with Balrog, another character, Ibuki, will also be making her apperance in Street Fighter V, as well as the Cinematic Story mode, the return of Las Vegas as one of the fight locations, and new cosmetics for Balrog and Ibuki. The Balrog update for Street Fighter V will arrive for PS4 this coming July 1st, at Midnight Pacific time, with the game to go under maintenance as preparation for the content updates starting at June 30, 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

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