New Update for Rogue Life: Squad Goals

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July 2, 2016


This Kingdom of Defense updates will determine how your squad has grown. Now is the time to test how far your Rogues can go. This 2-time a day battle is attended by all your heroes. Ranking System in Kingdom of Defense is also updated.

The arena in the Kingdom of Defense has poisonous gas watch out for it! Rogues will deal with more damage to their HP until its zero or until the end of the battle. Boss monsters in this level got even tougher. After defeating them, a piece of upgrade stone can be obtained. These stones can be used to upgrade your equipment, outfits and hero’s level.  The game also has the 30 Days Growth Package consists of materials for weapon upgrade and hero level-up, 2 star marbles and a meat for a price to obtain. Your Vincent has been enhanced, check it! Get 3-star equipment every 10 trials in the Gap of Dimension, always.


Other Game Updates:

  • Accessible Auto-Play Button for VIPs
  • NEW Rarity Upgrading System
  • New Preview System for Equipment Information
  • Update Chatting System
  • Fixed Bugs and Errors
  • Fixed Character Move on the Duel

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is a free mobile application published by OnPlay and developed by Hidea, a South Korean gaming industry. Gamers have an option of in-game purchases. It’s on its way to be used in Southeast Asian countries soon. To know more about the game updates, feel free to see our updates on our Official Facebook Fan Page.

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