[Press Release] HEROES WANTED : Quest RPG Open Hidden Stage with June Update!

Written by Louis

July 5, 2016

The June update for NHN Studio629’s HEROES WANTED: Quest RPG holds an awesome surprise for its heroes.

NHN Studio629 announced today that its in-house developed quest RPG calledHeroes Wanted has released a June update which includes new contents such as the Hidden Stage.


To reinforce the game contents, it added ▲Hidden Stage, ▲Item Recipe which is used to create a new item using the stage-clear reward items, ▲PvP Legend League and ▲ some detailed element on Barrier Tower while improving usability of existing contents by applying players’ feedback.


New Contents

  • Hidden Stage: Hidden Stage is new stage which can only be open when all the stages of each world have been cleared. Players clear the dungeon by forming a deck of 5 mercenaries and the rewards given can be used to create other items via Item Recipe
  • Item Recipe: Recipe Workshop introduced Item Recipe menu to help players to obtain items easily. Players can make a new item such as Element Shards, Fragment, Fruits by combining in-game money obtained by Bounty and rewards from Hidden Stage.
  • PvP and PvE: It upgraded PvP contents by opening a new PvP Legend League. The winner’s country from PvP Legend League will get a strong buff. Barrier Tower, a PvE system, was also upgraded. The condition to enter each floor has alleviated so that players can explore every floor without restriction by mercenaries’ level. The types of mercenary buff also have been updated.
  • Improvement of Usability: Deck of each play mode (Story, Bounty, Barrier Tower, PvP) now can be formed differently. Golden time gauge does not decrease even if time passes.

HEROES WANTED: Quest RPG is available for download on mobiles via Google Play for android and the iTunes App Store for iOS.

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