Evolve set to go Free-to-Play, beta kick off to start this week.

Written by Louis

July 7, 2016

Get ready to hunt giant monsters in desolate planets as  Turtle Rock plans to launch Evolve on F2p.


Evolve’s developer Turtle Rock studios has just recently announced their plans of giving their multi-awarded video game title a huge overhaul as well as confirming the much-rumored Free-to-play phase.

In an announcement made via the Turtle Rock Community website,Chris Aston, co-founder of Turtle Rock Studio, invites everyone to try out their game by saying “Try Evolve out. See what you think. We hope you like it and we’re not going to charge you to give it a try“.In line with this announcement, Turtle Rock will be launching Evolve’s Free-to-Play beta tomorrow, July 8, 2016, and will commit full time to “iron out bugs”, a process which might take weeks or months. Also, do take note that the free-to-play first will be for the PC version of Evolve with no info yet on the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Players who have initially purchased Evolve as well as Season Pass holders are not to fret though as they will still have access to the game’s original content as well as other specials as they gain the “Founder” status for purchasing the game.

Evolve is well-received, multi-awarded asymmetrical action FPS which pits 4 players who must work together in order to hunt down giant monsters. Aside from Evolve, Turtle Rock Studio has also been known to develop other popular PC FPS titles such as Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike: Condition Zero


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