GAMEVIL and Kong Studios introducing 2 New Story Heroes for Dungeon Link

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July 9, 2016


GAMEVIL and Kong Studios have announced an update to the puzzle RPG Dungeon Link which will be introducing two new story heroes and an event dungeon, as well as making changes to both the Tower of Tribulation and Tower of Magic.

Caligo the Dual Swordsman

Anthos the Bulwark

Update details:

  • New Story Heroes: Two additional story heroes, Caligo the Dual Swordsman and Athos the Bulwark, will be introduced. Caligo is a fire element type who can summon a powerful firebird and Anthos utilizes wood based attacks and increases his party’s defense.
  • Event Dungeon: Pirates Island: With the conclusion of the current Adventure Time event dungeon, the new Pirates Island dungeon will become available for players. The special event dungeon will only be open for a limited time and will reward users with various items including several six star heroes.
  • Tower Of Elements Adjustments: The Tower of Elements will be receiving difficulty adjustments making encounters easier for players to complete. Additionally, the maximum amount of floors have been increased with the higher level floors offering better rewards.
  • Tower of Magic Adjustments: Additional floors have been added to the Tower of Magic, each offering 1 bonus stat point as a reward.

Finally, several user convenience changes will be implemented allowing users to further enhance their gameplay experience within the world of Dungeon Link.

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