Overwatch gets its new character; Ana

Written by Chad

July 13, 2016

ana cover overwatch

This new character provides a great long range support to any team.

Blizzard Entertainment has just revealed the newest character for their hit team-based shooter Overwatch, and it is none other than Pharah’s mother; Ana. She was one of the founding members of Overwatch as she continues to participate in combat missions even on her fifties, however one hostage rescue almost took her life against a Talon agent known as Widowmaker, despite many believed she was killed in action, she eventually survive the encounter but at a cost of losing her right eye. A few years later, she decided to continue the fight as she cannot bear to witness her city and the innocents being threatened. You can learn more of her story by watching the new trailer uploaded by Blizzard.

Ana is more of a support role in the team, and she uses a sniper rifle in taking out enemies and even healing her teammates, yep you heard that right, she can snipe with the rifle scope to deal damage to opponents and heal teammates accurately. She has some other skills that are both beneficial to the team and a deadly threat to the opposing team, such as the Biotic Grenade that can heal allies and herself in a small area when thrown, and can deal damage to enemies plus rendering their healing abilities useless for small period of time. Her Sleep Dart can immobilize  enemies, giving you time to escape or deal any damage before they wakes up (dealing damage will automatically wakes up any target). Her ultimate, Nano Boost can temporarily buff up any teammate with increased attack, speed and defense, great for any high damage dealing teammates for clutch moments in a match.

For now Ana is playable in the Overwatch Public Test Realm server and expect to learn more on her release in the game soon as Blizzard will be planning to do a panel discussion on the upcoming San Diego Comic Con next week. Also for those who are still think that Ana is in fact Sombra, Blizzard has confirmed that Ana is not Sombra, so this can mean that we can see Sombra as a playable character very soon.

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