This week in Pokemon GO: Hour long bans, DDoS attacks, server outages and teens rushing towards rares

Written by Louis

July 18, 2016

Niantic’s newest mobile game craze continues to be crazy as it is for the whole week.

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Pokemon GO proved itself to be one big hit as its initial release witnessed the overflow of players which has caused massive server outages on different regions in the West. But it’s not just the overflow of players who try to catch Pokemon before everyone else that caused the server troubles for Niantic, as days ago, online hacking group PoodleCorp reportedly conducted a Distributed-denial-of-service attack or DDoS attack on Pokemon GO’s servers, hindering players from accessing the game servers for some time.

The attacks may just be the first wave however as the group also hinted that they will be repeating the process in a much more larger saying this coming August 1 through their latest tweet.

Of course, much of the community frowned upon this attempt, deeming the group as “killjoys”, “edgy crybabies”, and “edgy males in their 20’s who didn’t get scholarships for their l33t hacking ability”.

Aside from DDoS attacks and continued server hiccups, GPS spoofing has also been a growing problem in Pokemon GO with players from outside the countries and regions in which the app is officially launched at the moment trying to play the game using third-party APK downloads and GPS spoofing applications. Niantic is a little forgiving when addressin this issue though as only hour-long bans are implemented to players who have found out to use GPS spoofing applications, although heavier consequences await repeat offenders.

In addition to bad news, funny and cringe worthy instances of people and Pokemon GO also surfaced around the web, with reports ranging from players finding dead bodies, teens getting trapped inside mines that they explore to find Pokemon, a resident in New Zealand quitting his job to hunt for Pokemon, and a horde of people rushing towards a corner of a park when a rare Pokemon surfaced.

It’s not just about cringe or fun though, as Pokemon GO also managed to bring out the best in humanity such  as an anon from Wynumm, Queensland posted a tale about how people from different walks of life were brought together because of their love for Pokemon.


Slowly entering its first month of initial exposure, Pokemon GO has managed to create its own appeal with a mixture of both the good and the bad, and with the game still, undeniably, on its “testing” phase, we are expected so more news such as these in the coming days.

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