System Shock Remaster is coming to the PS4

After much request, the remaster of one of PC’s most iconic video game titles is finally heading to PlayStation 4.

Nightdive Studios, the name behind the remake of the 1994 hit System Shock has just announced that they are now “officially on track for bringing System Shock to the PS4” after much demand from some of its backers over at Kickstarter.

In an announcement made Jason Feder, one of the project’s lead personnel, stated that the overwhelming demand for a PS4 version helped them arrive at a decision to release the remaster of the game at the said platform, and added that the Nightdive team is adding it as a thank you to its backers for putting their faith in the dev studio for the game’s remake.

System Shock Remaster has already surpassed its funding goal of USD 900,000 and is currently sitting at USD 1,091,806 as of this article’s writing. System Shock is originally developed by Looking Glass Technologies and its success has paved way for the highly popular BioShock series.

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