Boomzap opens up Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Callasia – The Stoneborn DLC

New units, missions, maps and heroes are heading to Legends Of Callasia, but first, Kickstarter.

Boomzap Entertainment, developer and publisher of the planned cross-platform Real Time Strategy title Legends of Callasia has just announced their new crowdfunding campaign for LoC’s first DLC, The Stoneborn.

Legends of Callasia - Stoneborn Concept Artwork

Adding a whole new race, the Dwarves, the Stoneborn DLC will also bring in campaign missions aimed at these new units, as well as new multiplayer maps which can accommodate up to 8 players playing simultaneously in LoC’s unique take on the multiplayer real time strategy.

Legends of Callasia was first made available via Steam last June 10, 2016 and has so far received a good amount of positive reviews, mainly because of its unique gameplay. Legends of Callasia – The Stoneborn DLC has now received nearly half of it’s USD 2,500 funding goal and is expected to release this coming October 2016. Interested backers can head on to the project’s Kickstarter page to pledge their support, and at the same time players can also download Legends of Callasia for PC and Mac via Steam.

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