Ace Fishing’s Australia Expansion arrives with new update.

Com2us’ mobile fishing simulator gets a huge update featuring a the land down under.


New fish types and new fishing locations came together with Com2us’ Ace Fishing update earlier this week as the game heads to some of Australia’s iconic spots. The Australia update of Ace Fishing features 50 new types of fishes such as the Seahorse, Eagle Ray, and Common Hammerhead, available for capture as well as 3 iconic Australian locations as fishing spots featuring Sydney, Wattamolla Beach and Gold Coast.

The new fishing spots are unlockable via completion of Fish Books with Grade A or higher and players will also be able to gain access to buffs which enable them to catch bigger and tougher fish. A special in-game event in regards to the new update is also ongoing until August 9, 2016 and will grant already existing players  the chance to win a 5-star Sea God Poseidon Rod when they complete their Australia Fish Book.

Ace Fishing is available on Android via the Google PlayStore and iOS through the iTunes Appstore.

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