BIOSTAR Pushes Continued Market Presence

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July 27, 2016

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BIOSTAR is proud to announce its commitment to the industry with its ongoing activities throughout the globe. BIOSTAR has recently been conducting regional product launches and activities to reinforce its brand and promote its dedication to the industry with its new product line.

BIOSTAR is celebrating its 30 years in the industry and with is determined to fulfill its theme of Racing to the Future by further promoting itself in more regions. BIOSTAR has been holding activities throught out the first half of 2016 with a grand activities held in COMPUTEX 2016 and has immediately proceeded to visit more regions to engage in dealer and media promotions to launch its new products.

BIOSTAR’s most recent stops included Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Notably, dealers, media and select power users were invited to special activities like racing activities and dinner parties where BIOSTAR showcased their newest products together custom gaming machines and builds that showed off the new features of BIOSTAR motherboards and graphics cards.

“We have been in this business for 30 years and are looking forward to another 30 and onwards” says Kevin Cheng, Global Marketing Manager for BIOSTAR. “We will continue to race towards the future and our consumer and partners should rest assured we are doing our best.”

BIOSTAR is currently launching their RACING and PRO series motherboards globally in various locales and will be holding more events in various locations in the future to showcase their new products. BIOSTAR knows the value of working closely with consumers and dealers and it is their key directive to closely work with them to better produce a mutually beneficial relationship thus promoting greater brand value and confidence from consumers.

BIOSTAR will be holding more events in the coming months with a focus on its own-brand motherboard business. To further prove this commitment, BIOSTAR will also soon be launching a new line of gaming products, including RACING P1 and RACING Z170 GTN, this 2nd half of 2016.


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