Mecha Fridays: New Transformers Collectibles featured at Cybertron Con 2016, official preview for Liokaiser also revealed

Written by Louis

July 29, 2016

There’s more than meets the eye in this week’s version of Mecha Fridays as we take a look at the new and upcoming Transformers collectibles.

The next generation of Transformers toys became the centerpiece of Day of Cybertron Con 2016 as a new lineup of Transformers from the Titans Return series were featured much to the delight of the Transformers loving crowd. Featuring new iterations of classic Transformers characters from both the Autobots and Decepticons, the lineup of toys is set for release sometime next year, with the preview itself somehow being dubbed as a “leak” rather than an official preview.

Images source: weibo 52toys [N’ Raid Raptor]

In addition to the Cybertron Con previews, an official preview is also made by Hasbro (although not at the event itself) as Hasbro officially brings in Liokaiser from the Transformer: Combiner Wars series. Deemed as one of Death Zone’s most merciless combination of the Breastforce, Liokaiser is also set to release as one full set sometime next year.

TF Combiner Wars Liokaiser official image 00


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