Mobile Police Patlabor will be getting a reboot this October

Headgear’s hit manga franchise will get to see the light of the screen once again this 2016.

The late 80s clasisc Mobile Police Patlabor is reported to be receiving an animated reboot later this year, the Manga and Anime series is said to have become one of the inspirations to the cult hit, Pacific Rim, and one of the most iconic franchises of the anime mecha genre.

Mobile Police Patlabor

Centered around the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Patlabor department, the series is set on a futuristic world where labor robots are employed by humans for various heavy work, which in turn, also results in different forms of robot-related crime, a premise generally seen in other mecha or cyber related animes such as Ghost in the Shell and Bubblegum Crisis.

The Patlabor reboot, which is aimed for release this coming October 15, 2015 would be a short film featuring updated versions of the show’s iconic mechas, and as well as new designs for its main characters. A short-film version of the Patlabor reboot will be first released online, with longer DVD and Blu-ray versions to follow after. A brief trailer is also made available for preview featuring the show’s updated animation as well as snapshots from combat scenes and some of the anime’s main characters.

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