New Areas, Heroes and Emblems included in Dungeon Link’s newest update

Written by Louis

August 2, 2016

Gamevil’s mobile Puzzler, Dungeon Link featuring Adventure Time gets more cool stuff with their July update.


Lots of new stuff arrives at Dungeon Link featuring Adventure Time with their July update as new areas open up in the lands of Kanternbury for players to explore such as Silent Ocean and Penzu’s Seashell Island.

In addition to new locations a new hero will also join the ranks of adventurers in Kanterbury as Penzu the Ancient Dragon, a water element healer, rallies in for more adventure time. A new substory is also included in the July update, although players will need to complete certain tasks first before accessing this new tale.

Dungeon Link featuring Adventure time was first released for mobile devices last April 2015, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices via the Google Playstore and iTunes AppStore.

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