Rampage 2016 Event Aftermath

Written by Allen

August 2, 2016

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I’ve always hear that Rampage was this big event for League of Legends fans and I finally get to witness it first hand. Last July 23, 2016 at the World Trade Center (Pasay) would be the big day for anybody locally playing the world’s most popular MOBA game in the world. An event that’s meant to show appreciation for its fans and its players whether they enjoy watching games, follow personalities, doing cosplays, collecting various merch and of course, playing the game. So let’s follow the hype and see if it leads us to some fun to be had.

Based on the testimonies of friends who’ve attended previous iterations of this event. The new setup of the stage and presence of screens in multiple parts of the venue was a very welcome development for everyone.

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There’s also also several attractions where everyone can have their photos taken to either give your casual photos of cosplayers look much better with themed backdrops. Actually even if you’re not in a flashy costume, there’s still a few sets that will help you just have some fun pictures with friends.

If you’re just looking around there’s plenty to see with all the sponsor booths up, there was even one that seemed out of place. Heck, if you felt like playing a game or two you can actually play in an impromptu net­cafe put together for the event itself, you can even play for free as a bonus that comes with the ticket. It’s a bit curious how people who can already play the game at home at nearly no cost would want to do the exact same thing when they get into the event, but hey those seats were loaded.

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Catch is you’ll have to line up for all of them, where your patience may be tested, especially at the merchandise booth. Hopefully you have a friend or two that you can switch places with in case you need the bathroom trips. However I don’t believe any amount of bathrooms would have prevented the massive mess left behind by our convention goers. Instead of holding on to their trash until they find a trashcan somewhere like in the bathroom, they just leave it on the floor believing that’s somehow okay. Hopefully the guests will have more discipline next time and the organizers can come up with a better way to help everyone manage their garbage.

There were also technical problems with the stage that may have killed the energy the stage was putting together more than a few times and there were obvious times that the hosts were stalling for time probably due to some logistical issue backstage. However we have the audience to thank for offering their unyielding support for everyone who was keeping the show going.

The silver lining for the event’s problems would be the security team who had tirelessly helpedlook after everyone and their things. While not everybody was safe from losing an item or two, a lot of items were found and returned to their owners. Instead of being simply men who prevented the general crowd from sensitive areas, they really helped many people feel like they’re safe within the venue, which is a big plus on my book.

It would be a lie to say that I was entirely entertained throughout the event. While the event presented a little something to please everyone, those with focused interests like me had little to be entertained about. Perhaps I have been spoiled by my attendance to other big gaming events prior to this lik ESL One Manila and Manila Major has spoiled my expectations of what a gaming event would be like.

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My experience with these events has made one thing is clear, the culture of gaming and the events built around it continues to grow and improve. Is it maybe time to begin taking on the feats that international gaming events have shown off to the world thus far? It has been proven after all, that the market is very interested to see more of them, and that if somebody organizes it, they will come.

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What are your thoughts on getting more LAN gaming events in PH? If any, do you have any games in mind that you think can reach that would make good LAN events for their league?

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