Western Digital releases their newest 4TB addition to the My Passport line.

Western Digital’s popular My Passport lineup gets a whole new size expansion.

External drives are starting to get larger when it comes to capacity, and Western Digital will not be left out of the race as they introduce the 4TB variation to their popular My Passport line.


Named the My Passport Ultra, these new lineup of Hard Drives will feature up to 4 Terabytes in capacity, packed in a compact design. A specified version for Mac users will also be made available, with variations for USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt interfaces.

The My Passport Ultra line will also feature Western Digital’s own automatic back-up software plus security features, and a cloud-technology ready Dropbox integration. The My Passport Ultra will be available for a suggested price tag of Php 10,200, while the My Passport for Mac will be out on the last quarter of this year.

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