World of Tanks Blitz Gets Faster, Higher, Stronger

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August 13, 2016


This year, the world’s premiere show of athleticism won’t be confined to a stadium or arena—anywhere and everywhere can be a venue to showcase your skill. August 5–21, World of Tanks Blitz will be hosting a special event dubbed the Blitz Games, encouraging participants to go for gold in a number of tank-themed feats of skill.

What will be your crowning achievement in the Blitz Games? Whether you’re skilled in medium tanks, work great together in a Platoon, or just love hunting down medals, there’s something for every athlete. Practice your parries and takedowns in Medium Tankwondo, set your sights on TD Archery, show off your guns in Heavy Weightlifting, and explore other fancy challenges.

Simply jump in a vehicle of your choice and have fun working together with fellow commanders to fill the six progress bars displayed on the official portal to unlock sweet rewards. These bars are each linked to a specific challenge, and to reap the best prizes, you’re going to have to give it your all. To get your hands on the rewards, just play a minimum of 50 battles during the event.

What’s more, there will also be special missions during the games where you can get the rare “Faster, Higher, Stronger” camouflage. Any vehicle and tier is fair game, and this special camo will be credited for the machine on which a mission is completed.

With the games almost upon us, it’s time to show off those skills in battle and unite in the spirit of victory!

To learn more about the upcoming special event, visit the official website:


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